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ISSA to Raffle Off Pair of Grizzly Coolers
     The ISSA’s Grand Raffle program continues to evolve as the organization moves away from large-
ticket items and cash drawings to a smaller prize package this year.
     A pair of
Grizzly Coolers will be raffled off in 2017: a smaller version at the ISSA campout in July and
a larger one at the ISSA convention in Cedar Rapids in November.Tickets cost $5 each. Names entered
into the summer drawing will also be eligible for the second drawing later that fall.
     The ISSA’s Raffle Committee chose Grizzly Coolers for its prizes this year for two reasons. First, the
company is based out of Decorah, and they wanted to buy local. Secondly, Grizzly has partnered with the
American Council of Snowmobile Associations to raise funds for the national non-profit
     The ISSA’s coolers will be purchased through this program and will feature ACSA’s logo. For more
information on the ISSA raffle, contact committee chair Gary McVicker at (641) 425-1375.
March 2017
ISSA Summer
Campout Aug. 4-6

       The Butler County Sno Snoops of Region 4 will
be hosting the ISSA Summer Campout Aug. 4-6 at
Camp Comfort near Greene. Reservations are
requested by July 28. Download the campout flyer
and form
Review and Selection Committee Meeting
5 p.m. July 18 at Comfort Inn, Story City

by Chris Willey
ISSA President
       As you are aware changes in the DNR and Legislation passed this Spring have changed the
standard operating procedures which the Iowa Snowmobile Program has operated under for many
years.  The changes took effect July 1st 2017.  These changes will ensure Iowa Snowmobilers will have
trails to ride well into the future.
        A little background on what has happened up to now. ISSA leadership with the assistance of ISSA
Lobbyists Mike Heller and Paula Feltner worked with the Iowa 87th General Assembly to create
legislation which passed unanimously in both the Iowa House and Iowa Senate and was then signed
into law by Governor Branstad, to increase from 50% to 70% the portion of snowmobile registration and
trail pass funds to be used on club grants, service contracts, cooperative agreements, and equipment in
support of Iowa’s snowmobile programs, restricting the amount used by the DNR for administration of
cooperative agreements, youth safety education and law enforcement to 30% of the available funds.
        What this means is that the ISSA will play an increased role in management of the Iowa
Snowmobile Program.  The DNR has turned over the administrative duties of the Iowa Snowmobile
Grant Program to the ISSA, with participation by a DNR representative.  The Review and Selection
meeting usually takes place in late May or early June.  This meeting has not happened due to the
transition process.  In the interest of getting the grants approved and keep the Snowmobile program on
track despite this delay.  I have worked with Vice President Brian Carmichael and several ISSA Past
Presidents to set up a Selection and Review Committee to review and award the Club grants for the
coming season.  I wanted to make sure snowmobilers across the state were represented in this
process.  We have  included designated continuity members, ISSA officers, and  a club representative
from the Western, Central and Eastern parts of the state.  This committee will approve the Club Grants
and the budget that will cover program insurance, trail signs,  a designated groomer repair fund and
other expenses required to administrate the program.  In the future these positions will be elected
positions, elected by a vote of Iowa Snowmobilers.  There will need to be SOP changes and additions
made and approved by the ISSA Board.  The EFC committee is working on drafting these and will be
presenting them to the ISSA Board as soon as possible.  
        The new program also transfers ownership of the groomer fleet to the ISSA, which will continue to
place groomers with clubs across Iowa and train groomer operators.  The revised program is designed
to continue many of the annual deadlines and obligations of clubs.  We want to change the program
operations as little as possible, operating the program very closely to previous procedures and
requirements.  The ISSA will apply for grants and seek funding to purchase new groomers and to
ensure the upkeep and operation of the groomer fleet across the state.
        The new agreements assure complete transparency for the use of Snowmobile program funds,
requiring the ISSA to maintain records and other relevant materials to document the receipt and
expenditure of registration funds for eligible administrative expenses as well as specific documentation
for the DNR use of program funds, and require independent audits of program fund use.
       I do want to extend my thanks to the many people who have helped to put this new program
together, including those who worked with legislators at the annual legislative event in Des Moines,
made individual contacts with legislators and DNR officials, and specifically to the special ISSA
committee who worked with the DNR to put the new snowmobile program together, consisting of  Vice
President Brian Carmichael, Region Director Scott Nauman, ISSA Past Presidents Terry Durby, Dennis
Nauman, Gary McVicker, Jim Willey and myself
        The ISSA Review and Selection committee has received the club grant applications sent by clubs to
the DNR earlier this year, and will hold a public meeting to review the grant applications at 5 PM July 18,
2017 at the Comfort Inn Meeting Room in Story City.  The meeting will be open to the public, and all ISSA
Region Directors and officers are encouraged to attend.  Iowa Snowmobile Clubs who have submitted
grant requests are encouraged to have a representative participate in the meeting to answer any
questions that may come up regarding their grant request.  In addition to those able to be present in
Story City for the meeting, conference call and on-line meeting options will be available.  To participate in
the conference call or online meeting, an email request must be received no later than July 17th to
        I am very pleased with the progress that has been made to ensure the success of the Iowa
Snowmobile Program for the future enjoyment of Iowa snowmobilers.  Please share this information
with every snowmobiler that you know, and encourage them to join a snowmobile club in their local area
and to be a member of the Iowa State Snowmobile Association.  Today more than ever before, we need
the ISSA to continue to support the Iowa Snowmobile Clubs, who make Iowa Snowmobile trails and the
Iowa Snowmobile Program possible.
       Thanks for your Support.