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ISSA officials met with state legislators Jan. 31 at the Travel Federation of
Iowa's annual Legislative Showcase. Members promoted snowmobiling in
Iowa and also discussed its proposed
legislative package for 2017.
Iowa Snowmobile Program 2017 – 2018 Updates
by Chris Willey
ISSA President
    Each fall, Iowa snowmobile clubs create the largest public trail system in Iowa: 8,800 miles of
groomed and marked public trails primarily on private land through agreements with landowners and
local snowmobile clubs.
    Each spring the trails are taken out, and snowmobile club volunteers do it all over again the next fall.
Club volunteers become Certified Groomer operators and groom the trails for public use. Snowmobilers
pay their own way through snowmobile registrations and trail passes, which is the primary funding for the
Iowa snowmobile program.
    The Iowa State Snowmobile Association (ISSA) is the organization, which bonds the local Iowa
snowmobile clubs together and serves as the voice for Iowa snowmobilers at state and national levels.  
The ISSA worked with the Iowa DNR and Iowa legislators in 2017 to pass new laws to bring more dollars
for use at the local club level. This also meant additional responsibility delegated to the State
    The new code makes the Iowa Snowmobile Program more efficient and allows the ISSA to better
assist with management and implementation of Iowa Snowmobile Programs. With these responsibility
changes added to the ISSA for the Iowa Snowmobile Program, a revised format for many Iowa
Snowmobile programs and SOPs are required.
    The ISSA Emergency Funding Committee (EFC) was created in 2002 to restore funds, which had
been diverted from the snowmobile program.  The EFC was successful in restoring the funds to the
program. Following this, it became the responsibility of the EFC to oversee and administer the ISSA grant
funds which came from snowmobile registration dollars. The EFC funds from the Iowa Snowmobile
Program funds can only be used for education, travel & promotion expenses and are only to be
dispersed according to DNR guidelines.  
    The EFC also functions as the steering committee of the ISSA in legislative matters and other primary
issues, making recommendations to the ISSA Board of Directors. EFC members are selected for their
knowledge of the ISSA and demonstrated dedication to the mission of the ISSA and the Iowa
Snowmobile Program by the ISSA President and the EFC Chairperson.
    EFC responsibility has been expanded to responsibility for Iowa Snowmobile Program funds
transferred from the Iowa DNR according to the standing agreement effective when signed, expected to
be in August of 2017, including responsibility for administering the club trail grants, trail signage,
insurance, and other aspects of the snowmobile program.
    The ISSA Review and Selection Committee (RSC) established by the Iowa DNR has been the
decision-making authority for grant administration for Iowa snowmobile clubs and the ISSA for funds
coming from Iowa Snowmobile registrations and trail passes (user permits). The RSC will continue with
a revised structure and continued representation by the DNR.    
    An immediate revision to the Review and Selection Committee was required to ensure grant
availability for Iowa Snowmobile clubs for the coming season. ISSA leadership appointed a Review and
Selection committee to serve for 2017 and have provided a recommended format for ongoing structure
designed to keep the committee fair and have equal representation across the state with Iowa
snowmobilers electing the committee going forward, while maintaining the existing knowledge base and
experience to guide the elected representatives.  
    The Review and Selection Committee will consist of two administration positions appointed by the
ISSA President and EFC Committee and only removable by a majority vote of the review and selection
committee in October every fourth year beginning in 2019 and 2021.  The current administrative positions
will be held by:
RSC Administrative Positions
•         Terry Durby, who has served on the RSC for more than ten years for the ISSA on the DNR
established RSC.
•         Chris Willey, ISSA Groomer and Training Manager who has served in this position for the ISSA for
more than five years.  
Other RSC positions are held by:
•         ISSA President (or President appointee), which ISSA President Chris Willey has appointed Region
Director Scott Nauman, since the current President is serving in an administrative position.
•         ISSA Vice-President, currently  Brian Carmichael
•         West Region (elected at ISSA convention for three year term starting in 2018),
Appointed Randy Magg;
•         Central Region (elected at ISSA convention for three year term starting in 2019),
Appointed John Kahler;
•         East Region (elected at ISSA convention for three year term starting in 2020),
Appointed Todd Sieverding
•         Iowa DNR appointee, DNR appointed Rhonda Fowler.  
    The intent of the RSC election / appointment process is to provide continuity, geographic
representation, accountability and what is best for the Snowmobile Trail Grant Program.  
The Review and Selection Meeting was held July 18. The Iowa Snowmobile Program grant requests that
were submitted for the 2017-18 snowmobile season were reviewed and grant award recommendations
were set.  When the DNR/ISSA Agreement is signed this month the grant recommendations made by the
RSC will become official and clubs will be notified.  The Trail Signs order is also in process and delivery
to clubs is expected late September/early October.    
    The ISSA continues to focus on supporting snowmobiling in Iowa, improving membership, trails,
equipment, and communication, working with snowmobilers, the Iowa DNR, legislators and the
American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA).   
    Watch for more information in Iowa Snowmobiler magazine, www.iowasnowmobiler.com and email
correspondence from the ISSA. With the transfer of Administration responsibilities, from the Iowa DNR to
the ISSA Review and Selection Committee. Please direct questions and concerns to the ISSA Review
and Selection Committee at ISSA.RSC@gmail.com.