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Special Event Permits
Required for Clubs this Winter
The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is reminding Iowa
snowmobile clubs which are planning to host snowmobile events this
winter to apply for and secure a Special Event Permit 30 days prior to the
date of the event.
To determine if your club’s event requires such a permit, IDNR
Snowmobile Program Manager David Downing said you should ask
yourself this: “Is the public interest manifested in it? If you’ve advertised it
and are giving away prizes, for example, it is a special event,” he
Permit applications are available online through the IDNR’s website at A permit costs $25 and can cover up to 10 days so it
club will need to apply for additional permits.
Downing said clubs also need to be mindful if other jurisdictions are
involved in the event, and this permit system allows for that notification.
For example, if a club is hosting drag races at an airport, the Federal
Aviation Administration should be aware.
“You may have other jurisdictions involved, and they want to know about
what’s going on out there,” he said. “When you sign up for a Special
Event Permit, it does two things: It ships it off to the local jurisdiction and
it comes to me. I wait for comments and then either sign off, deny or add
stipulations to it.”
Clubs are allowed to list “no snow” dates on their event applications,
and Downing said the department will work with a club if Mother Nature
doesn’t cooperate. He also clarified that off-season events, such as
swap meets, do not require a permit but grass drags would.
If you are unsure if an event requires a permit, contact Downing at (515)
281-3449. Failure to secure one carries with it severe consequences.
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