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Snowmobile registrations at a glance
In Iowa, snowmobiles must be registered on an annual basis at $15 per year
plus writing fees. An antique registration is available for $25 for snowmobiles
30 years and older. By early 2006, renewals can be made electronically, and
only the issued sticker/decal is required to be affixed on the sled. Registration
numbers are not.
Effective in 2006, $15 trail passes are required for non-resident snowmobilers
in Iowa and may be purchased electronically at any
agent where hunting and
fishing licenses are sold. Trails are patrolled by a fleet of IDNR recreational
safety officers.
What follows here are other general rules and regulations to follow in Iowa:
  • Ride Safe.
  • Zero Tolerance on Alcohol.
  • Stay on Trails. Do Not Trespass.
  • No Safety Flag Required.
  • No ATVs on snowmobile trails.
  • Snowmobile Must Be Currently Registered in County of Residence.
  • Certain Restrictions Apply to Riders Under 18 Years of Age.
Above right are just a few of the signs and hand signals you can expect to see
while out on Iowa's snowmobile trails. Additional signs as well as the
complete rules and regulations governing the sport of snowmobiling in Iowa
can be found in the online version (.pdf) of the Iowa Department of Natural
'Iowa Snowmobile Regulations' manual.
Trail signs. Click
above to enlarge.
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Iowa GPS trail map.
Click to enlarge.
legal and responsible areas to recreate.
about the following:
  • Areas where snowmobiles are allowed to operate.  
  • Crossing a street or highway.
  • Snowmobile operator requirements.
  • General operating regulations.
  • Snowmobile registration.
  • Reporting accidents.
The Iowa DOT and DNR are encouraging snowmobile operators and parents
of young riders and operators to visit the site to learn more about operating
legally and making it a safe ride.  
Winneshiek Trail Twisters
Groomer log form
here. MS
Excel required.
Groomer Operator Manual
Available Here.
High-speed Internet
Vice President; and Terry Durby, ISSA Past President; met with Governor
Branstad Jan. 20 for the signing of the Snowmobile Safety Week proclamation
for the State of Iowa.  
"Snowmobiling is a fun and exciting family activity enjoyed by over 4 million
30,000 registered snowmobiles.  The sport is a safe and an enjoyable form of
wintertime outdoor recreation if done properly and with respect. The purpose of
International Snowmobile Safety Week is to expose people to safe mishaps.
The activities and promotions of Snowmobile Safety Week stress safe and
responsible snowmobiling.
Resources offers the following:

education certification on the Internet, through www.SnowmobileCourse.com.
This online course features a narrated and interactive study guide, as well as
visual exam and quiz questions. Snowmobile riders ages 12 through 17 must
have a snowmobile education certificate in order to ride a snowmobile on
public land and public ice in Iowa.
believes this new online course will be well received.
"Students have had a 'home study' option for the snowmobile safety
certification for years. Now with the online program option, these students will
have a more dynamic experience and we think students will prefer the
narrations and interactive elements," she said.
In order to ensure a greater level of student participation and retention, the
online snowmobile education course was made to cater to different learning
styles. The course and exam questions contain hundreds of detailed
illustrations, as well as narrated course content and interactive exercises.
The online snowmobile education course has a one-time fee of $34.95, which
includes the course, chapter quizzes and unlimited attempts at the final
snowmobile certification exam for Iowa. The course is also available to anyone
as a free study guide.